InDaze release New Single “Equidistant” off Debut Album

Music News | Dec 13th, 2013

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NY reggae rock band InDaze released their first single “Equidistant” off their debut album, IDZ. The band’s new album is set to be released in early 2014 and contains 12 original songs. You can listen to the song below!

This dynamic and diverse five-member band draws influences from all different genres, including Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and The Skints. InDaze draws inspiration from these different styles and blends them together with a classic reggae sound forming unique and eclectic tunes that unite music lovers from all walks of life.

InDaze’s first single, “Equidistant” opens with a solid bass rhythm and a barrage of horns. The song advises maintaining balance in all aspects of life, in order to achieve success. Frontman Gage Weir sings:
Cuz equidistant in movement is a blessed improvement
Be mindful of timing and stay in the groove
You gotta learn to walk this way before you judge the distance
To balance your step and in motion be smooth and adept.

Track Listing:

1. My Radio’s Rhythm
2. Hazy Equinox
3. All Seeing Eye
4. Falling Stars,Rising Sun
5. Captain Savvy
6. Equidistant
7. Demolition Me
8. Bloodflower
9. Bottom-Line Blues (Ain’t Got No)
10. War of Running Water
11. Circus Machine
12. This River


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