Beat Union van & trailer stolen too

Music News | Aug 31st, 2008

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Young Dubliners got their van stolen and so did Beat Union from the UK. There van & trailer were stolen in Edmonton, Canada. Maybe bands should keep a nasty dog in their vans?

From Beat Union:


We’re all sat in the lobby of the hotel we stayed in Edmonton last night..without a van and trailer : ( A few of us have lost passports, we’ve lost all our equipment, clothes… all because some dirty SKAG HEAD has stolen our shit!!!!!

We won’t be able to make the shows in the next few days…we need to figure out what the fock is goin’ on so we can get back up and running!!!!

We haven’t eaten all day and we’re all sad : ( : ( : ( : ( :*(

We’ll update with more news sooooooon.

Any donations are welcome!

Please send underpants, cell phone handsets, vintage rock t-shirts, Vans (sizes 9-13), porno etc.

Science Records,
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Bye : (


p.s if you’re the one that stole our van…please come to the Coast Edmonton hotel PLEASE Ade wants to box your head in.