Billy Bragg + Steve Buscemi on The Henry Rollins Show

Music News | May 24th, 2007

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Rollins ‘Tees Off’ on the longevity of American heroes. Steve Buscemi discusses his new films “Interview” and “Delirious,” as well as his years as a firefighter and working at Ground Zero. In a ‘Letter’ to Michael Chertoff Rollins reflects on the questionable effectiveness of current TSA regulations. Billy Bragg performs.

Watch Billy Bragg perform “Bush Warm Blues”

“This country is going through such a hard time and people are tired of it. They have fatigue of the war…and so it’s easy to just look the other way and say ‘I don’t want to read that, let’s see what Britney’s doing.'”
– Steve Buscemi on The Henry Rollins Show this Friday