Buju Banton sentenced to 10 years in prison

Music News | By on Jun 24th, 2011

Grammy Award winning reggae artist Buju Banton has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. This really sucks but I was thinking he would have gotten more years. Perhaps he’ll get out early? Either way, this certainly is a sad day for reggae.

The reggae star Buju Banton has been sentenced to 10 years in US prison for his role in a cocaine deal. His first trial on the charges ended last September in a mistrial, but in February he was convicted of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offence, and using a telephone to facilitate a drug trafficking offence.

At Tampa federal court in Florida, Judge James S Moody gave Banton – real name Mark Myrie – the most lenient sentence permitted for the drugs charges. Judge Moody threw out the gun conviction, which would have extended the sentence by five years, accepting Banton was not carrying a gun and did not know his confederates were doing so. Allowing for time served and good behaviour, his attorney said he could be free in six years.


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