Buy The IT Crowd / Descendents T-Shirt Now on TeePublic!

Music News | Jan 22nd, 2016

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You’ve seen those Descendents inspired shirts using the classic Milo Goes to College design…So I decided to make one as well and jump on the bandwagon. It’s of Moss (Richard Ayoade) from the popular and extremely funny UK comedy series The IT Crowd. So if you love The IT Crowd and The Descendents, this shirt would be perfect for you! It’s got 2 versions so you got plenty of options to pick from. I got the baseball tee one (yes I buy my own shirts).

If you like dark shirts, you can buy that version here.

If you like lighter shirts, you can buy that version here.

The shirt is on sale for about 2 more days at $14 for basic shirts. Then the price will go up a little so get one now if you like it.

And if you’ve never seen an episode of IT Crowd, I highly recommend it and can watch the entire series on Netflix streaming or Hulu.


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