Carbon Leaf Re-Recording “Nothing Rhymes With Woman”

Music News | Sep 20th, 2016

Carbon Leaf @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC (1)

Two years ago, Carbon Leaf started a project to re-record their albums that were released on Vanguard Records. In order to get 100 percent of the rights to those songs, the band has set out to re-record those albums and release them via PledgeMusic. The final album in the series in Nothing Rhymes With Woman, which is one of the band’s best albums in my opinion.

The campaign started yesterday and there’s an array of things to get from having the band play a full band show (if you got 15k), signed merch, VIP meet & greets, and all that fun stuff. As much as it’s great to see the band get the rights back to their catalog, it’s kind of difficult for fans to choose which album they prefer. Do I put the old album on my iPod? Both? The new one? It’s like picking your favorite child. This is definitely for the hardcore fans, which I guess i’m considered. Anyway, the band will be doing this for 60 days and they will be touring this November and December, which we already posted about.

Two years ago we set out to re-record the three albums that were released on Vanguard Records, our former record label, between 2004-2009 for the express purpose of retrieving ownership of the band’s recorded music. We have been fortunate in the ability to do this, as many artists are not. Indian Summer Revisited and Love Loss Hope Repeat Reneaux were recorded back-to-back in 2014 and 2015, and the journey for us has been artistically and professionally gratifying.

Now, as we near the end of 2016 in what has been a comparatively light touring year, we are eager to wrap this project up and put the final bow on the third and final album in the series, NOTHING RHYMES WITH WOMAN.

Once this album is completed and released we will have met the goal of owning 100% of the band’s music catalogue going forward!

We THANK ALL OF YOU for taking this journey with us and supporting our decision to re-visit existing music with ISR and LLHRR, and we welcome you aboard this 6-week PledgeMusic campaign.

Please check out the offers below and dive in! We are excited with the way these songs are taking shape and we can’t wait to share Nothing Rhymes With Woman ’16 with you.


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