Cat Woman is a death metal singer

Music News | Aug 27th, 2010

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A “vocalist” for the death metal band Divine Infamy is also the Cat Woman. Who knew!? Well not really Cat woman from Batman comics, but just a crazed death metal singer dressing up as her and robbing places and holding up people. I guess if you sing in a death metal band, you have to go that extra mile to make some kind of money.

A vocalist for the death metal band Divine Infamy has been granted a measure of earthly infamy. Shanna Spalding, age 28, was arrested Wednesday night for a string of robberies committed by the so-called ‘Cat Lady’ bandit. Spalding, who goes by the stage name “Purgatory,” was nabbed in SoHo after she allegedly burst into a shop wearing a burqa, waving a gun and demanding money. According to the Post, Spalding “threatened to shoot up the place” if she didn’t get any cash.


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