Depeche Mode’s “The Dark Progression” out on DVD June 16th

Music News | Apr 24th, 2009

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MVD Visual and Sexy Intellectual are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Depeche Mode – The Dark Progression for North American distribution on DVD.

Thirty years into a quite extraordinary career, Depeche Mode remain the most successful electronic band ever, having to date sold over 100 million records worldwide. And as they continue to release new and challenging material on a regular basis and perform in front of crowds that can exceed 80,000 in a single night, the enormous popularity of these former Essex Boys illustrates how their resolute determination to stick with their original vision has repaid them handsomely in the long term.

This brand new documentary film traces the almost surreal development of Depeche Mode from their flirtations with New Romanticism at the dawn of their career, through the urban industrial landscapes envisaged on Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward into the dark hollow of albums such as Black Celebration, Music For The Masses and Violator to conclude with the departure of Alan Wilder in 1995 – a point in their career at which they had achieved enormous commercial success but were now facing huge personal challenges.

Featuring interviews with all the band members, contributions from friends, colleagues and contemporaries such as; Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, OMD’s Andy McCluskey, Daniel Miller, band biographer Jonathan Miller, Depeche producers Gareth Jones, Dave Bascombe, Phil Legg and Steve Lyon, and electronic music experts Mark Pendergast and David Stubbs. Also includes; rare performances by Depeche Mode from across their career, archive footage, video clips, location shoots, news reports and much more.

Includes tracks such as; Just Can’t Get Enough, People Are People, Stripped, Never Let Me Down Again, Strangelove, Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, Walking In My Shoes, I Feel You and many others.

EXTRAS include: Extended interviews, Digital Contributor Biographies and more!

Order the DVD here.


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