Joe Strummer Mural torn down in East Village but will return!

Music News | Aug 20th, 2013

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The famous Joe Strummer mural on Niagara (E 7th Street and Avenue A) was removed in New York City since the wall needed to be worked on. According to Jesse Malin, the mural will be re-painted.

I’m an artist and I liked the mural and was happy there was a place for people to think of Joe. Other New Yorkers and people who think they punker than you hate it…so go figure. Nothing wrong with having a place for people to migrate to and pay tribute to Joe Strummer of The Clash. Sure, it could look like him a little bit better but it’s up to the artist how it looks.

Check out this blog and here with various pictures of the current state of the wall and the photos of the mural over the years.


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