Lonely Atom Records starts IndieGogo Campaign to Launch “Radical Chemicals” 7″ Series

Music News | Nov 30th, 2015

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Indie label Lonely Atom Records has started an Indiegogo campaign to launch their label and their “Radical Chemicals” 7″ single series. Obviously recording music properly cost money and they need our help in doing so. The first split will be The Pandemics and InCircles. The Pandemics released their new album Hard Headed on Bandcamp 2 weeks ago so pick that up if you haven’t gotten it yet. The Lonely Atom Records campaign has 56 days left but be sure to give them your support here.

Be sure to check out all the rewards on the Indiegogo page but here’s some of the info:

We came up with the idea for this split series as the inaugural release of our label, with a focus on spreading a diversity of underground music, to people who will appreciate and connect with it. It was immediately clear that this would be a huge undertaking, as the entire series will eventually grow to cost over $10K. That number alone, even though it’s spread across 18 months is overwhelming if we were to try and fund this from our day jobs.

With that in mind, we’ve set a goal of $3,600 which will cover Vol. 1 of the series and the added rewards from this campaign, and will help us officially launch Lonely Atom Records!!

Of that goal, IF raised in full:

62% will go to funding Vol. 1 of the Series.
23% will go to the perks exclusively offered here.
and about 15% will go to IndieGogo.

To account for such a daunting task, we’ve come up with some awesome perks unique and limited to this campaign and series.

At each contribution tier, you’ll get one, some or ALL (+in some cases more) of the below:

Our sincerest thank you!!!!!
Download code of Volume 1 via email.
Your name in the thank you section of the liner notes of Volume 1.
Lonely Atom Records stickers and pins.
Red Vinyl 7” of Volume 1.
ALL 12 songs, via download code.
Tickets to the Volume 1 Release Party!
Limited Edition Lonely Atom Records: Radical Chemicals! Split Series Tee Shirt.
Limited Edition Picture Disc of Vol. 1. (Quantity limited to this campaign!)
The ENTIRE Radical Chemicals – 6 Volume 7” Series:


….and you?!!

***THAT’S RIGHT!! Lonely Atom Records is actively looking for bands, musicians, and artists to collaborate with and promote. Send us your songs and art!! If we’re feelin’ it, you could be featured as part of this series, and the founding of our label!*** (Contact [email protected] for more info.)


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