Middle Class Rut ‘Busy Bein’ Born’ 7 inch out February 10

Music News | Jan 22nd, 2009

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Middle Class Rut’s upcoming release, a limited edition 7″ vinyl single Busy Bein’ Born (with “All Walks Of Life” on the B-side) will be released on February 10th via Bright Antenna. Currently making waves in the UK, Busy Bein’ Born is a full-blown, uncompromising rock n’ roll assault that is matched only by the power this duo’s blistering live performance.

Since the Sacramento band’s inception, Zack and Sean have made it their mission to write, produce, and record every one of their tracks themselvesa reaction and also a well-honed survival instinct after having survived 10 years’ worth of bands gone wrong and labels gone bust. Musically, lyrically and live on stage, Middle Class Rut are nearly an amalgamation of Refused, Jane’s Addiction, Rage Against The Machine, Fugazi and Bob Dylan. Middle Class Rut brings a rawness and charisma that, without fail, stop listeners in their tracks and transfixes them.

“Completely ignoring the current state of music has resulted in us creating the songs that we have. This is not something we intentionally set out to do, but have found that there’s less and less to learn from new records, and an endless amount to learn from old undiscovered records. Our songs are an honest reflection of where our lives are at the moment. Combining that with our passion to be on stage is what make up MC RUT.” -Zack Lopez

View the video to Busy Bein’ Born here: