Mu330 Release New Song “Don’t Worry Don’t Stress”

Music News | Aug 18th, 2017

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Mu330 have released a BRAND NEW song that’s available for streaming and download called “Don’t Worry Don’t Stress.” The song sounds amazing and makes you want a brand new album by the midwest ska band. Mu330 stated that all proceeds from the download will go to Southern Poverty Law Center, so what’s 1 dollar in helping out a good organization?

The band posted on their Facebook page:

MU330 rejects the violence and hate speech of alt right nazis in Charlottesville. White supremacy must be stomped out and uprooted from this country. Let’s throw these tired ideas in the garbage once and for all. There should be no safe space anywhere on the political spectrum for a group of people that advocate genocide, anti-Semitism, and the oppression of minorities. As a country, we need to stop defending such vile behavior. This has to stop, and our president must be held accountable for defending such hateful ideology. Are you thinking, “wait, I’m a conservative and I’m not a racist!”? That’s great! The good news is that you can be a conservative while rejecting nazis and a racist president that defends them.

100% of all donations from downloading this new MU330 tune will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Peace, MU330

Besides that, they will be playing a kick ass show in Chicago tomorrow:


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