Murder City Devils – The End: Final Show Halloween 2001 on DVD from MVD

Music News | Mar 30th, 2005

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Oaks, PA- Music Video Distributors and King of Hearts Productions are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Murder City Devils The End: Final Show Halloween 2001 for worldwide distribution on DVD.

This is the last show the Murder City Devils ever played. Professionally filmed and recorded live at the Showbox in Seattle on Halloween 2001, this DVD features the not-so typical primal energy and raw Rock N Roll style that MCD introduced to the underground during their short but hugely influential career.

On Halloween night, 2001, the Murder City Devils returned to play a show in their hometown after another long tour. Things were a bit different this time as the great break-up loomed in the not so distant future. This final farewell would be filmed to document all the blood, sweat, and beer that the Devils had spilled.

This performance is as real and passionate as it gets and is complete with Spencer Moody’s drunken song introductions, instrumental terrors, and microphone mischief. A highlight of the set occurs when Andrea Zollo (Pretty Girls Make Graves) performs with Moody on Boom Swagger. When Moody and the band begin 18 Wheels the crowd becomes crazed. Most of the set features new, unreleased material, as well as the last song Grace That Saves. After four minutes, the song is dissolved piece by piece with each band member walking off the stage. Moody continues to repeat the lines over and over again against a backdrop of feedback. “This is a love letter, I got your note, I’m on my way.” With a final thank you and a drop of the microphone, Moody and the Murder City Devils put an end to an era.

SETLIST: Bear Away, I Drink The Wine, One Vision Of May, Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum, I Want A Lot Now, Rum To Whiskey, Dancin Shoes, Waltz, Dear Hearts, That’s What You Get, Idle Hands, Boom Swagger, Dance Hall Music, Cradle To The Grave, Murder City Riot, Press Gang, Broken Glass, 18 Wheels and Grace That Saves

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