Music Video: Rogue Wave – ‘Chicago X 12’

Music News | Jun 12th, 2008

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Bob Odenkirk posted a video of Rogue Wave, and it’s suppose to be his “cut” of the video. I guess the band rejected his cut of the video. Now there’s a fake feud going on with Rogue Wave and Bob. I’m confused. Here’s the fake video:

Here’s the real video and underneath is a statement from the band:

Chicago X 12

First off, I can’t believe Mr. Odenkirk is complaining so publicly about his frustration about the so-called video he “directed.” Let me give you some facts perhaps you don’t know.

For starters, we only agreed to “Discuss” ideas for the video but he showed up with this “Demo” video that looked like it was made that morning on the way to our studio. He could not have misunderstood the lyrics any worse, and I don’t know where he found those cardboard cut-outs of the band. He didn’t even have enough — there are five of us! And I guess I don’t resemble my cut-out very much because Odenkirk clearly mistook me for a production assistant when he asked me to get him a cup of coffee (actually, he just sort of barked “double cap, tepid, and unload the trucks!”). When I told him that I was in Rogue Wave, he just mumbled “What’s that?” without looking up from his cell phone. Later he freaked out and wouldn’t talk to anyone because one of the amps wasn’t working. Finally I was able to explain to him that the sound didn’t matter because we were basically lip synching to the album track and he just sort of stared into space with a half-grin, stroking his chin, and said, “So, “that’s” how they do it….” All in all, the whole day felt like Mr. Odenkirk was more concerned with his green screen suit and karate stunt double than he was with the band’s performance.

I am not trying to harp on Mr. Odenkirk’s methods of directing, even if it did throw me off a little when he showed up to the set talking in robot voice and wearing a hand-made costume of cardboard and tin foil. I was sure he either he came straight from Burning Man or thought he was going to audition for a part in Transformers 2. But all that aside, the band feels terrible that so much uproar has come about from this. We just want to just put it behind us and move on. To our fans, I would like to apologize again for all of the confusion. And Bob, believe me when I say that there are no hard feelings on our side.

Zach Rogue