MxPx’s Mike Herrera releasing “Guitar Center” limited edition 7″ picture disc

Music News | Nov 6th, 2013

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On November 19, MxPx singer and bassist Mike Herrera will release a limited-edition 7″ picture disc vinyl of his Guitar Center podcast with Nic Harcourt acoustic performance via Rock City Recording Company. The set was recorded at Guitar Center’s iconic Sunset Boulevard location on June 28, 2012, while the band was in the midst of its 20th anniversary tour.

Side A features a live rendition of “Secret Weapon,” the title track from the band’s 2007 classic album Secret Weapon, while Side B is “Aces Up,” from group’s latest album, last year’s Plans Within Plans. Just in time for the holidays, it’s a must-have for all MxPx faithful and vinyl aficionados alike.

These intimate, stripped-down acoustic interpretations show both Herrera’s songwriting and performance prowess. As a bonus, fans will receive a download of all four songs from the Guitar Center podcast–including “Doing Time” and “Drowning.” Downloads will be available to all who purchase by November 19 through Moreover, the pre-order package also comes with a custom-designed Mike Herrera Music guitar pick with the MHM logo on one side and the artist’s signature on the other. In addition, fans will receive a copy of his lyric and chord change sheets for “Secret Weapon” and “Aces Up,” as well as his personal signature.

About this special release, Herrera comments, “I personally love collecting vinyl. That has morphed into a love of releasing collectable vinyl for each new musical endeavor I embark upon. I’m further down that wax road with this limited-edition live picture disc. This is a jumping-off point to introduce even more new songs and my personal style to a still growing and wonderful audience.”

Herrera is prepping more solo material for a 2014 release. Pick up the pre-order now!

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