Myspace announces New Transmissions featuring Thrice

Music News | Jul 22nd, 2008

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New Content Available for Viral Distribution and Audio Tracks Available for Purchase Exclusively for the MySpace Community.

LOS ANGELES – July 22, 2008 – MySpace, the world’s most popular social network, today announced that Thrice, one of the most well respected and sonically ambitious bands will take part in the latest installment of MySpace Transmissions, going live today on The company launched MySpace Transmissions earlier this year to further empower top recording artists with a new platform to create and distribute exclusive video content available for viral distribution and audio tracks available for purchase in the U.S. MySpace Transmissions underscores MySpace’s commitment to building unique music programming and business models that benefit labels, bands, and fans.

Thrice, the California-based quartet followed their New Pantheon Award-nominated Vheissu’s radical metamorphosis with The Alchemy Index. Their latest offering is a two-volume collection comprised of four EPs, each devoted to one of the essential elements in nature-fire, water, air and earth-with each EP sonically and thematically tailored to evoke the atmosphere inherent in its corresponding element. Fall of 2007 marked the release of the first two volumes of the series-Fire and Water-and Earthand Air followed in April, 2008, completing the tremendous vision and scope of the project. For Thrice, it’s the realization of a year-long process of writing and recording, which was self-produced and done primarily in the band’s own studio with the band’s guitarist Teppei Tengineered engineering. The audio portion of Thrice’s transmission will be sold by the band’s label Vagrant exclusively through iTunes throughout the world.

The band recorded 6 tracks from their new album for MySpace Transmission, including:
Broken Lungs
The Earth Isn’t Humming
Come All You Weary
Lost Continent
The Lion And The Wolf

All content from MySpace Transmissions will be archived and available on-demand on the MySpace Transmissions profile and via MySpaceTV ( Users will be able to add the content to their profiles and virally share the artists’ videos throughout the network, and purchase the audio tracks via MySpace. MySpace Transmissions represents a progressive music model that truly encourages artists and labels to generate revenue while still maintaining an organic and intimate connection with their fans.

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