Nitro Announces Two New Signings: Crime In Stereo & Enemy You

Music News | Jun 2nd, 2005

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Nitro Records announced today the signing of two new bands to the roster: Long Island hardcore punks Crime in Stereo and Bay Area old-school style punks Enemy You. Both are expected to release new records for the label early next year.

Comprised of Scotty Giffin, Alex Dunne, Michael Musilli, Eric Kuster and Kristian Hallbert, Crime in Stereo’s mission is simple: play fast, aggressive, hardcore punk with lyrics that are uncompromising and genuine. After releasing a split CD with Kill Your Idols via Blackout! Records, CIS laid down their first full-length in 2003 titled Explosives and the Will to Use Them on Brightside/Blackout! Records. With their explosive sound that brings to mind such bands as Silent Majority, Dag Nasty, Embrace, Kid Dynamite and Gorilla Biscuits, CIS has toured the states relentlessly and found themselves gaining loyal fans across the country. Having shared the stage with bands ranging from The Movielife, Coheed and Cambria, Brand New, and Elliott to Cro-Mags, Kill Your Idols, Bane, Terror and The Hope Conspiracy, Crime in Stereo has demonstrated a crossover ability rarely seen anymore. The band has also appeared at the Asbury Park Skate and Surf Festival, Positive Numbers Festival, and most recently Bamboozle. Crime in Stereo has extensive touring plans throughout the remainder of the year (see current dates below).

Enemy You formed in the late-90’s out of the Bay Area punk rock scene. Consisting of David Jones, Chris Matulich and brothers Ken and Joe Yamazaki, the band made its first appearance on a compilation for Ben Weasel’s Panic Button Records. They followed that up with their debut full length titled Where No One Knows My Name on Lookout/Panic Button. The band’s sophomore release, 2004’s Stories Never Told was released on Red Scare. In the spirit of such bands as Screeching Weasel, The Clash, Social Distortion and Bad Religion, Enemy You’s music is sincere punk rock that is both smart and infectious. It’s music that harkens back to the days when there was still a feeling of independence in the punk scene. It’s this element of punk rock that Enemy You draws upon for influence. The band has had the opportunity to play with some of punk rock’s most notable bands including Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, TSOL, Mad Caddies, and even a short stint on tour in support of NOFX. Watch for Enemy You on the west coast with Lawrence Arms and A Wilhelm Scream from June 27- July 10 (dates below).

Enemy You summer tour dates:

Jun 27 2005 8:00P – Rock Island – Denver, CO
Jun 28 2005 8:00P – Navajo Hogan – Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 29 2005 8:00P – Mo’s Neighboorhood Grill – Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 1 2005 8:00P – The Molotov Room – Spokane, WA
Jul 2 2005 8:00P – Solid State – Portland, OR
Jul 3 2005 8:00P – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Jul 5 2005 8:00P – Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA
Jul 7 2005 8:00P – Jerry’s Pizza & Pub- Bakersfield, CA
Jul 8 2005 8:00P – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA
Jul 9 2005 8:00P – Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
Jul 10 2005 8:00P – Modified Arts – Phoenix, AZ

Watch for Crime In Stereo on tour all summer:

Jun 18 2005 7:00P – New Direction Haverhill, MA
Jul 8 2005 6:00P- TGIF- Sights and Sounds Farmingville, NY
Jul 9 2005 6:00P- Geoff Greene’s House New Brunswick, NJ
Jul 10 2005 5:00P- The Nancy Raygun Richmond, VA
Jul 11 2005 7:00P- Attitudz Virginia Beach, VA
Jul 13 2005 6:00P- Sector 7G Augusta, GA
Jul 15 2005 7:00P-Nicely’s Daytona Beach, FL
Jul 16 2005 7:00P- The Alley Miami, FL
Jul 17 2005 6:00P- Island Oasis Orlando, FL
Jul 19 2005 6:00P- Dragon CD and DVD Birmingham, AL
Jul 20 2005 6:00P- The Muse Nashville, TN
Jul 24 2005 6:00P- 868 VFW Hall Cleveland, OH
Jul 25 2005 6:00P- Bubba’s Bowling Company Indianapolis, IN
Jul 26 2005 8:00P- Lemp Arts Center Saint Louis, MO
Jul 28 2005 7:00P- Corey’s Basement Rossiter, PA
Jul 30 2005 1:00P- *POSI FEST* Roller King Kingston, PA
Aug 3 2005 6:00P- Omni Rootz Albuquerque, NM
Aug 4 2005 6:00P- Modified Arts Center Phoenix, AZ
Aug 6 2005 1:00P- *Sink w/ Cali Fest* Knights of Columbus Redondo Beach, CA
Aug 8 2005 6:00P- Studio S Los Angeles, CA
Aug 10 2005 6:00P- 814 Project Santa Cruz, CA
Aug 12 2005 6:00P- Gilman Street Berkeley, CA
Aug 13 2005 6:00P- The Phoenix Theatre Petaluma, CA
Aug 18 2005 6:00P- Street Basement Bellingham, WA
Aug 22 2005 6:00P- Sox Place Denver, CO
Aug 24 2005 6:00P- Billiards on Broadway Fargo, ND
Aug 31 2005 8:00P- Punxsutawney Community Center Punxsutawney, PA
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