Nitro Records & Sjc Custom Drums To Raise Money For Tsunami Relief

Music News | Apr 26th, 2005

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Nitro Records and SJC Custom Drums (owned by Mike Ciprari, drummer for the band No Trigger, and his brother Scott Ciprari) are auctioning off an SJC custom-made snare drum signed by Dexter Holland (The Offspring), Rufio, The Aquabats, The Start and A Wilhelm Scream in order to raise money for the Tsunami Relief Fund. This exclusive drum will be auctioned off on EBAY beginning Monday, April 25th. All proceeds will be donated to UNICEF’s South Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts in the winner’s name.

Scott Ciprari says, “This drum is more than an object to be auctioned off based on its looks. It is a drum that was made with deep meaning, a drum that carries a message. My brother and I don’t have tons of money to send to the help the victims of the tsunami, but we do possess skills that can bring relief to the victims, and a sense of realization to society. So even if you don’t have tons of money to send, understand that there are hundreds of things that you and anyone else can do to help.”

Drum Specs:
Temararus Priscus

6.25″ x 14″ 10 ply maple shell with double 45 edges
Green tea stain with a super high-gloss lacquer
Cast Iron grey powder coated 1.5″ tube lugs – off-set 1.25″
Cast Iron grey hoops feature a .5″ pine veneer inlay with a natural wax finish
Black Trick throwoff