No Use For a Name’s ‘All The Best Songs’ out July 10th

Music News | May 1st, 2007

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Fat Wreck: No Use for a Name have added a title to their upcoming “Best of” collection that is due out on July 10th. The album will consist of 26 songs spanning most of their 20 year existence and they even threw in two previously unreleased songs. The extensive liner notes include explanations of each song. Here’s a sample for you:

JUSTIFIED BLACK EYE – This riff reminded me of a Cro-Mags song so I thought it was rad. The rest of the song came later and was one of those that was written in an hour. The chorus was inspired by a Hollies song, you know that band from the 60’s? Also, this was always the hardest song to pull off live for me. Playing it makes me want to throw up sometimes. Tony

NUFAN is putting together a West Coast tour to support the release and there should be dates announced soon. They are also headed to South America in August.