NYC adding stricter rules for Street Musicians!

Music News | May 2nd, 2013

If you haven’t realized yet that New York City is becoming more and more of a Police State, here’s example #545. Starting May 8th, NYC will be forcing stricter rules on street musicians/buskers or just musicians in general who perform out in the street and parks. They will have to perform in 100 defined spots in the parks, and have to PAY to rent the limited area space. Yes seriously! So say I wanted to film a friend in the park, I could be subjected to a $250 summons if I don’t comply with the rules. This is complete bullshit and something needs to be done! You can sign a petition to help stop this from happening!

Someone has started a petition to try to end this but it needs a lot more signatures for anything to really happen. Who knows if this will do anything but something needs to be done to stop Bloomberg and his Rich Troll$ from stopping musicians from making a living. Pretty soon you’re going to need a permit just to fart in the city. What do you people want to hear in the park? Taxis honking their horns in the distance, ramblings from a homeless person, and the delicate sounds of pigeons shitting on the pavement? Ahh New York City, where you don’t have any rights….unless you’re rich or the police.

For decades and decades, New York City has been a cultural melting pot where smells of ethnic foods, sights of lights and artwork, and sounds of music amongst the sirens and car horns wrap themselves in all of your senses, giving any passerby, tourist, or resident the full New York City experience. Unfortunately, as the days go by, we are falling faster and further into the hands of those who want to replace the culture of New York with money-making strategies under the false pretense of security and comfort.

The new law, supposedly taking effect May 8th (lest we do something about it) now classifies all musicians as vendors. Street musicians will now have to RENT spaces in parks to play. Vendors are considered “sellers or solicitors of donations in exchange for tangible items, such as paintings, books, or photographs,” and a license will cost you about $45. Playing music on a street or park without the license may get you a summons and a $250, as enforced by Park Enforcement Patrol.

Sign the petition!

A city park tradition in which musicians have performed freely in Manhattan’s open spaces will be limited under a new rule that takes effect May 8 and classifies them as vendors.
The rule, which includes mandating that musicians perform on 100 spots in which a medallion is embedded in concrete, will be enforced by Park Enforcement Patrol and NYPD officers. Violators could receive a summons…
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While NYC street musicians were able to perform freely in Manhattan’s open spaces so far, a new law limits the area of their performance to 100 defined spots. Indeed medaillons will be embedded under each spot allowing street musicians to play in this specifical area. Violators could receive a summons and a $250 fine…


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