Only Crime signs with Rise Records

Music News | Mar 3rd, 2014

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Only Crime have signed with Rise Records and plan on releasing their next album Pursuance on May 13th. The band consists of Russ Rankin (Good Riddance), Aaron Dalbec (Bane/Converge), Bill Stevenson (Black Flag/Descendents/All), Dan Kelly (The Frisk/Tegan And Sara) and Matt Hoffman (Modern Life Is War). They teased the new album on YouTube but you can listen/watch below.

Only Crime is a combination of 5 veterans of the punk/hardcore scene who have pooled their collective experience to create a truly refreshing musical statement. Fusing elements of heavy rock and roll with the furious energy of punk rock from the 1970’s & 80’s, while adopting the creative abandon pioneered by jazz’s seminal protagonists, the band’s sound is heavy without being metal, melodic without sounding pop, and experimental without treading into the arcane realm of art rock. While the members of Only Crime aren’t new, their music is like nothing you’ve heard before.

Only Crime was formed in 2002-2003, and released their first album To The Nines in 2004. After a rigorous touring schedule spanning North America, Europe and Japan, the band spent much of 2005-2006 convening at The Blasting Room Studio for intensive writing/demoing sessions as they began developing material for their second full-length album Virulence. This new album not only picked up where To The Nines left off, it utterly surpassed it. After touring extensively for Virulence, the band experienced a couple of exciting line up changes, focusing the group on distilling their approach even further.

With an energized, new lineup in place, Only Crime spent a substantial amount of time over the next few years at The Blasting Room, painstakingly crafting the next evolution of their sound. With vibrant, fresh material recorded, the band began looking for a label, and, when Portland, Oregon’s Rise Records heard some early mixes, they were excited to have Only Crime join the Rise family.

With their first Rise Records release, Pursuance, the band pushes the limits of rhythmic experimentation and ambitious arrangements, while articulating moody, melodic hooks. Pursuance is the group’s most coalesced, settled material to date, and fans of heavy music will love every song.

Only Crime will be touring the UK/Europe for the first time since 2010 this summer with special guests Astpai. See dates below.

Track Listing:

1. We Are Divided
2. Contagious
3. In Blood
4. One Last Breath
5. Drowning
6. Absolution
7. No Truth In Love
8. Find Yourself Alone
9. Life Was Fair
10. See It Die
11. Emptiness And Lies
12. Bred To Fail


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