Radio Ireland begins broadcasting August 16th

Music News | Aug 13th, 2008

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Come and hear the REAL heart of the Emerald Isle on radioireland.rokz.bizRADIO IRELAND.

This site was launched and created to give exposure and radio airplay to new and unsigned Irish rock bands playing original music.

Irish bands have always been victimized by the whims and short-sightedness of business people in Ireland, that care only for making loads of quick money for themselves, and not supporting great bands and brilliant music. The result has been DIRE ‘McDonalds’ production line karaoke regurgitation (a la ‘you’re a star’ and ‘x-factor’ etc.).

All Irish radio stations (except RADIO IRELAND) ignore rock music unless it has gone through the current established ‘usual’ channels, strictly controlled by the CLUELESS Irish music business industry. Up to now if you were not fortunate enough to know somebody in the biz, and be funneled through this very small/restricted gap to have a stab at success; “well that’s too bad!”

In the past, great bands like Thin Lizzy and the Boomtown Rats had to go overseas to get recognized.

This situation has to end!

Radio Ireland plays the best rock music in Ireland that you will ever hear. This music is fresh from the ‘streets’ and ‘garages’ of Ireland.

We have no allegiance to business interests and no hidden agendas. RADIO IRELAND plays unsigned rock bands that deserve as much radio airplay as any signed rock bands. We want to aid and nurture struggling musicians and songwriters to give them a platform, incentive and a reason to keep their bands/music alive and thriving.

It can be a very difficult and heart breaking experience to endure the frustration of having the door of the music industry not open up for you, no matter how hard or how long you knock. Trying to get your song played on the radio can be next to impossible. Even if you succeed in doing this, it may only be played once or twice and then discarded and forgotten about.

This situation has destroyed too many great Irish bands, which broke up from the ignorance and stupidity of the ‘exclusive and elitist members only club’ that is the Irish rock music industry.

RADIO IRELAND has been created to counteract this greedy and exclusive bullshit, and cultivate a new fairer system for rock music fans ALL OVER THE WORLD to hear real rock music from real rock bands from Ireland.

RADIO IRELAND will give you what you need most PROLONGED EXPOSURE.

RADIO IRELAND will play at least one of your songs several times a day for at least one-month. Perhaps even longer

What you see and hear on this site is what you get! It’s a bullshit free zone.

A note to all bands:
The main obstacle from getting your music played on RADIO IRELAND is the sound quality of your work, so make sure it’s top notch or we can’t accept it! Sending us mp3 format will allow us to play your music a lot quicker (as in weeks) than a CD.

We also require that permission in written form for the song to be played on RADIO IRELAND MUST be accompanied and included with your mp3.

Bands from over-seas may also be played on our site at the discretion of the Owners of RADIO IRELAND.

SEND MP3’S TO: [email protected]

Important note to bands that get signed who are already on our play-list:

Radio Ireland will only play unsigned acts. Any bands that are being played by RADIO IRELAND that get signed to a record label, MUST inform RADIO IRELAND directly by email that the band or act is now no longer unsigned and must and will be taken off our play-list.

This is a legal requirement.
Any bands that are signed to a major label or an indie label, that wish to continue getting air-play on RADIO IRELAND, may be allowed to do so. This can be arranged (at the discretion of the owners of RADIO IRELAND), with the written consent of the band, it’s management and the record label, for a monetary fee ($$).