Rage Against The Machine fans arrested after show

Music News | Sep 4th, 2008

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Rage Against the Machine have making all kinds of headlines since coming back. They played the Denver National Convention and lead peaceful protests. Now things are starting to get interesting in Minnesota at the dumb Republican National Convention.

from MTV:
Minneapolis police arrested 102 people Wednesday night after fans leaving a Rage Against the Machine concert started an impromptu march to protest the Republican National Convention, which was happening nearby in St. Paul.

The group marched up and down First Avenue near the Target Center, where the concert was held. The crowd, which was originally made up of about 250 people, seemed like it would die down, according to Police Chief Tim Dolan, who told Minnesota Public Radio, “We’re OK, they’re thinning out a lot.”

Read the full article www.mtv.com/news/articles/1594053/20080904/rage_against_the_machine.jhtmlhere.