Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and John Roecker collaborate on new web series

Music News | Jan 29th, 2010

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Singer Tim Armstrong (Rancid) and director John Roecker (live freaky! Die freaky!) Team up again for a new web series called Svengali. I don’t know about you, but maybe Tim should just stick to music no? Man this looks pretty crappy, even if it’s not being taken seriously. You can watch the trailer here to see what I mean.

Svengali is a detective show of epic bad taste proportions begins on feb. First at http://www.svengaliworld.com. Svengali is a detective show that includes murder, music, sex, intrigue and a drunk detective (John Roecker) battling it out with the evil professor (Tim Armstrong). The series is an homage to the 1970’s detective shows (i.e. drinking, smoking, not p.c.) of yesteryear but set in 2010 using the city of Los Angeles as a back drop. Shot guerrilla style with no permits or taste this is one web series people will never forget. A series so shocking and sexy it will satisfy your bad taste palette more than “cougar town”could! Special guest star Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s also makes an appearance. The show will run though march. For immature audiences only. You have been warned!


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