Rest In Peace Jason Lawless of Lawless Street

Music News | Jan 3rd, 2020

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The Ska community lost another big member of the scene: Jason Lawless (Jason Sirota) of Lawless Street, JamRec Entertainment, tour manager, promoter, DJ, Moondust Records, big time vinyl collector, animal protector and was apart of the 501st Legion (Los Angeles Squad) as well. Jason had been running his site Lawless Street since the early 00s, just as long as ReadJunk/Ska Punk And Other Junk. His commitment to ska & reggae in the LA scene and the world, will be greatly missed. Rest easy dude.

I used to talk to Jason online about ska/reggae and Star Wars here and there, and probably had a few debates about why I hated vinyl in the past. Not sure what exactly happened but seemed like he was in the hospital a few times over the years. People couldn’t find him for a few days and his dog Joy ended up in a shelter. It looks like Jason’s friends will be adopting his dog, which I’m sure Jason would have loved. I got a chance to met him at Punk Rock Bowling in Asbury Park in 2016, when he was tour managing the punk band Anti-Nowhere League and we hung out throughout the day. It felt like we knew each other for the longest time, even though we only met in person that day.

From someone that wasn’t really close with him or knew him all that well besides talking online, he seemed like he was just a positive & nice guy, trying to make ends-meet and do whatever he could to get by in this world. Promoting ska, being in the 501st Legion, saving animals in shelters, trying to get odd freelance design jobs, etc.

Listen to some ska, reggae and rocksteady in Jason’s honor today. Sad day.

Here’s what some of the community had to say about him:


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