Rise Against release covert art, 1st song from new album

Music News | Aug 20th, 2008

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Rise Against is set to release their next full length album, Appeal to Reason on October 7, 2008. Starting immediately, the new single from the album “Re-Education (Through Labor)” will be available digitally everywhere.

The track can be streamed via the band s Myspace page at www.myspace.com/riseagainstwww.myspace.com/riseagainst

Also starting at the same time, the new record, Appeal To Reason can be pre-ordered on iTunes. With your iTunes pre-order, you will immediately receive the new single “Re-Education (Through Labor) “. Also you can pre-order the album and you’ll get an exclusive live version of “Prayer Of The Refugee” that is only available to pre-order customers when the album is delivered. Then, on October 7th, you will receive the entire record as well as an additional iTunes exclusive b-side.

Lastly, a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot for Appeal to Reason can be viewed at the following link vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=41033082here.

Appeal to Reason Tracklisting
1. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
2. Long Forgotten Sons
3. Re-Education (Through Labor)
4. The Dirt Whispered
5. Kotov Syndrome
6. From Heads Unworthy
7. The Strength To Go On
8. Audience Of One
9. Entertainment
10. Hero Of War
11. Savior
12. Hairline Fracture
13. Whereabouts Unknown