Saw Doctors team up with Petula Clark to record “Downtown”

Music News | Nov 10th, 2011

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The Saw Doctors have teamed up with the iconic Petula Clark to record a fantastic version of the legendary song “Downtown.” The song has been a live favourite in Saw Doctors’ shows for the past year and when the band asked Petula to re-record the vocal to her 1965 classic she was happy to comply. Listen to the track after the break:

DOWNTOWN by The Saw Doctors ft. Petula Clark by GoodSeedPR

If we think back to the popular culture of music in the 1960’s, there are a few songs that come to mind which are as relevant today as they were back then. This Christmas, Ireland’s most loved household band ‘The Saw Doctors’ release their cover version of “Downtown”, the sensational pop song composed by Tony Hatch which was recorded and made an International hit by Petula Clark. At the time of its release in 1965, ‘Downtown’ sold three million copies, hitting the No.1 slot in the US and becoming the first of fifteen consecutive Top 40 hits for Petula across the pond. Petula subsequently won a Grammy for “Best Rock & Roll Record” for Downtown and in 2003 her recording of Downtown was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame. She is still the best-selling female British solo artist of all time.

The cover version of Downtown by The Saw Doctors (out on Dec 9th 2011) features the wonderful voice of original singer Petula Clark. Their will also be an exclusive Music Video hosted on the Saw Doctors YouTube channel which will go live nearer to release date which also features Petula Clark. The video is produced and filmed by Eugene O Connor (Father Ted + Kilinascully) who originally filmed the video for their hit song I Uesta Lover. Petula also recently shot her parts for the song’s video in Paris.

In the past year, The Saw Doctors blazed back phoenix-like to their rightful place as one of the nation’s most-loved bands. In 2010, after the first week of ‘The Further Adventures of….’ album being released, it knocked off mercury winners The XX and Villagers from the No.1 position on the Indie Charts by coming straight in at No. 1! (It also came in at a No. 7 position on the mainstream charts and maintained a Top 10 position for over 6 weeks).

A vast list of Chart success on numerous songs over the years such as well known hits: “N17”, a cover of SUGABABES “About You Now”, (note that The Sugababes’ original version of About You Now stalled at No. 2 in the Irish Chart while The Saw Doctors reached No. 1!) and more recently the Christmas 2010 No. 1 acapella version of ‘Red Cortina’, have helped The Saw Doctors maintain their defiant musical stance on the Irish music scene.


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