See Survay Says! Final Show at Foreclosure Fest 2017!

Music News | Apr 14th, 2017

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For whatever reason, Survay Says! is no more but those guys went on to play in the band Keep Flying. Survay Says will get a proper send off when they play their house, well soon to be former house at Foreclosure Fest 2017 in NJ. If you can’t make the ReadJunk 20th Anniversary Party on April 29th at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC, definitely head out to Menzel’s House for a two day fest.

Visit the event page for further details and find out ways to get to the Menzel’s house.

**DAY 1: Saturday April 29th**
Survay Says! FINAL SHOW
Keep Flying
Show starts at 5:30pm
Afterparty kegger starts at 9:00pm
BYOB and food if you can! Sleeping over is welcome and encouraged, but bring a sleeping bag.

**DAY 2: Sunday April 30th**
With The Punches REUNION
Carousel Kings
Keep Flying (again)
Show is over by 9:00pm. You’ll be home in time for work.


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