Sideonedummy Join Forces With Charged Records To Release Punx Unite- Leaders Of Today

Music News | Apr 11th, 2005

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Los Angeles based SIDEONEDUMMY Records join forces with Charged Records (an NYC independent label run by members of the Casualties) to release Punx Unite-Leaders of Today- a various artist compilation of today’s street punk scene, CD to hit the street on April 26.

In the vain of the Punk and Disorderly compilations of the early 80’s comes the new breed of punx. Punx Unite features the biggest bands in the currant street punk movement along with rare and unreleased tracks.

Check out the track listing:
1 The Casualties Rebel
2 Street Brats Mind Control
3 Damage Case Red Alert
4 Lab Rats That’s Not Real Musik
5 The Briggs Song For Us
6 Front Line Attack Running
7 The Unseen We Are All That We Have
8 Clit 45 Can’t Stop the Bleeding
9 The Virus Follow
10 Raid The Media
11 The Homewreckers Tomorrow Never Comes
12 Krum Bums Cease Fire
13 Cranked Up Deal With It
14 The Voids Bad Dreams
15 The Forgotten Never Accepted
16 Cheap Sex Water Runs Dry
17 Zombie Vandals Youth of the Night
18 The Abotix Parasite
19 Toxic Narcotic People Want to Kill Eachother
20 Complete Control Reaction
21 Monster Squad Death and Destruction
22 86’d Johnny ain’t coming home
23 State Control Nothing For the Future
24 The Abuse No Tomorrow
25 The Escaped City of Pain
26 Chaotic Alliance Breaking the Silence
27 The Hypodermix Nothing for You
28 Drastic Actions Fuck You
29 A Global Threat Cardinal Sin
30 Total Anihilation Hasta La Victoria Siempre
31 Wednesday Night Heroes Music For the People
32 The Residuals Prisoner