Ska Is Dead 3 Tour Press Release

Music News | Aug 3rd, 2005

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Sept. 7-Oct. 6, 2005

On Weds. September 7, The Ska Is Dead Tour will once again emerge from its underground crypt to wreak havoc on slightly less unsuspecting victims coast to coast. Over the course of the last two Ska Is Dead tours it has gone beyond being an experiment, fluke, or novelty, into what is on the verge of becoming an institution in an always fickle music scene.

Ska Is Dead 1 kicked off in February of 2004 and featured co-headliners Catch 22 and Mustard Plug as well as Big D and the Kids Table and the Planet Smashers. The initial tour was an obvious success and played in front of over 20,000 fans tour-wide. Ska Is Dead 2 went out in January of 2005 and featured skacore veterans Voodoo Glow Skulls, Midwest third wave pioneers, MU330 and fan favorites Streetlight Manifesto. The tour built on the success of SID1 and sold out many of the shows including such high profile venues as the Metro in Chicago and Starland Ballroom in NJ.

Ska is Dead 3 will continue breathing new life into the North American Ska scene by playing the best all ages venues, keeping ticket prices reasonable, and featuring solid packages of the best and most important Ska bands today. This tour’s package expands even further, featuring not only the most established North American ska band in history, NYC’s The Toasters, but also will features much of the cream of today’s up and coming national ska bands, such as Hawaii’s Go Jimmy Go, Boston’s Westbound Train, Philly’s SGR and Texas’ Los Skarnales. Rounding out the package, veteran acts such as Mustard Plug, The Planet Smashers and Buck O Nine will play select shows.

Wed. Sept 7
Club Infinity
Toasters,Mustard Plug, Planet Smashers, tba

Thurs.Sept. 8
the Rex
Mustard Plug,Toasters/Planet Smashers, The Code

Friday Sept. 9
Mustard Plug, ToastersPlanet Smashers, ADHD, Jamaican Bacon

Sat. Sept. 10
Mustard Plug, ToastersPlanet Smashers, Lord Mike’s Dirty Calypsonians, Los Vicios De Papa(Cd Release Show!)

Sun. Sept 11
st. louis –
Creepy Crawl
Toasters,Mustard Plug, Planet Smashers, Secret Cajun Band(early), Red Light Runners(late)

mon Sept. 12
Grand Rapids
Mustard Plug, Toasters,Planet Smashers, One for the Books

tue Sept. 13
St. Andrews
Mustard Plug, Toasters, Planet Smashers,St. Thomas Boys Academy, The Phonetics

wed. Sept. 14
Opera House
Planet Smashers, Toasters, Mustard Plug, The Know How, The Flatliners

thur. Sept. 15
Call the Office
Planet Smashers,Mustard Plug, The Toasters,The Know How, The Flatliners

fri. Sept 16
Capital Music Hall
Planet Smashers, Mustard Plug, The Toasters, The Know How, The Flatliners

Sat. Sept. 17
Club Soda
Planet Smashers, Toasters, Mustard Plug, The Know How, The Flatliners

sun. Sept 18
Portland ME
The Station
Toasters, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train

mon sept. 19
New Market NH
Stone Church
Toasters, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train, Skamusutra

tue Sept 20
Hartford, CT
Webster Theatre
Toasters, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train

wed Sept. 21
Binghamton NY
Magic City Music Hall
Toasters, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train

thur. Sept. 22
Saratoga Wnners
Catch 22, Toasters, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train, Kicking Sicily

Fri. Sept 23
Knitting Factory
Toasters, Mustard Plug, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train, Supervillians, SGR

sat. Sept 24
Toasters, Mustard Plug, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train,SGR

sun. Sept 25
Toasters, Mustard Plug,SGR, Planet Smashers, Westbound Train

mon sept 26
Toasters/Planet Smashers/SGR/Westbound Train

tues. Sept 27
Charlotte, NC
The Casbah
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Westbound Train

wed. Sept. 28
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Supervillians/Know How

Thurs. Sept.29
Ft. Lauderdale
Culture Room
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Know How/Supervillians

fri. Sept. 30
St. Pete
St. Theatre
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Know How/Supervillians

sat. Oct. 1
Big Daddy’s
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Know How/Supervillians/CALL FOR FIRE

sun. Oct. 2
Metairie, LA
Airline Lions Home
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Know How

mon. Oct. 3
Toasters/Los Skarnales/Planet Smashers/Know How

tues. oct 4
Ft. Worth
Ridglea Theater
Toasters/Planet Smashers/Los Skarnales/Know How/The Goners/No Outlet

wed. Oct. 5
Flamingo Cantina
Toasters/The Stingers ATX/Planet Smashers/Los Skarnales/Know How

Thurs. Oct. 6
The Toasters

fri. Oct. 7
Oriental Theatre
Toasters/Mustard Plug/Go Jimmy Go/Synthetic Elements

sat. Oct. 8
Salt Lake City
Lofi Cafe
Mustard Plug/Toasters/Go Jimmy Go

sun Oct. 9
Toasters, Mustard Plug, Go Jimmy Go

mon Oct 10
Mustard Plug/Toasters/Go Jimmy Go/Flip The Switch

tues. Oct. 11
San Francisco
Toasters, Mustard Plug, Go Jimmy Go

wed. oct. 12
San Luis Obispo
Club Slo Brew
Mustard Plug/Toasters/Go Jimmy Go

thur. oct. 13
Las Vegas
Toasters, Mustard Plug, Go Jimmy Go, Goldfish Dont Bounce

fri. Oct 14
The Knitting Factory
Toasters/Mustard Plug/Buck O Nine/Go Jimmy Go

sat. Oct. 15
Marquee Theatre
Mustard Plug, Toasters/Go Jimmy Go

Sun. Oct. 16
s. California
BuckONine/Mustard Plug/Toasters/Go Jimmy Go