Skatune Network Releasing Debut Album on September 27th

Music News | Sep 13th, 2019

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Is there such a thing as a one person ska band. Yes, yes there is and it’s called Skatune Network (Jeremy Hunter). You might have seen Jeremy’s YouTube channel that has over 100,000 subscribers or see Jeremy play t-bone and bounce all over the place in We Are The Union. Skatune Network will release their debut album Pick It The Fuck Up on September 27 via Counter Intuitive Records.

Each song on the album will be a cover of a Counter Intuitive-adjacent band, including oso oso, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Retirement Party, Kississippi, and more…whoever those bands are. But nonetheless, it will be ska versions of bunch of stuff.

The youtube channel boasts over a million views, with over 100,000 subscribers and nearly twice as many combined followers across other social media platforms. Formed in 2017, Skatune Network has turned everything from 80s pop ballads to emo anthems, R&B jams, and even songs from popular movies and TV shows into bonafide ska hits, and the brass mastermind has no plans on slowing down.


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