Song of the Siren to release debut CD

Music News | Apr 8th, 2008

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Meet Song of the SirenIsul Kim (vox, guitar) – A Korean-American girl with a Harvard degree raised on classical piano in New York City, Anthony Petrocchi (drums) – a native Californian with a Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo, harnessing his ADD energy by playing drums nonstop and Steve Muscatell (guitar) – a metal-screamo-hardcore musician and ex-model from southern Oregon. No, this isn’t an intergalactic special forces council. This motley crew of band-mates came together in serendipitous ways, each searching for something real to belong to.

Song of the Siren was realized in the summer of 2007 in San Francisco. The band channels a range of influences and runs a dynamic sound gamut that is both heavy and edgy at the bottom, uplifting and honest at the top; their songs are punctuated with a voice that goes from sultry to powerful to vulnerable in an instant.

On June 24 Song of the Siren will self release their debut CD, City Lights Are Blinding You, a no-frills showcase of the band’s ever-growing abilities. They take us on a schizophrenic role-play journey from track to track, from criminals (Outlaw) to stalkers (Cigarettes & Heartbreak) to ravers (Masquerade). The album’s namesake comes from a line in the song “Dirty Magazine”, which front-woman Isul Kim wrote after being disheartened by all the pre-teen and teenage girls posting lewd photos of themselves on MySpace. “Hospice for Two” is a heart-wrenching emotional waltz about loss that singer Kim had to record in one take in the studio before she would break down crying.

The band’s unique sound unraveled in the studio as their fresh songs were warmed to a timeless glow by vintage sensibility. Recorded live to 2″ tape at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco in fall 2007, Song of the Siren and producer Garry Ventura were serendipitously assigned engineer Justin Phelps (Cake, Mars Volta). Phelps invited the band to finish their record at his studio, Hyde Street Studio C, which had hosted bands like CCR and Jefferson Airplane. Finally, their record was mastered at the renowned The Plant Studios by recording guru John Cuniberti (Satriani, Neville Brothers), who says, “This record managed to avoid all the mistakes that most freshman albums make. The sound is focused and consistent, yet the range of songs keeps it from being repetitive.”

Their diverse mix of songs reflects Song of the Siren’s own eclectic personalities but at the same time makes the listener feel like they are part of the party.

Look for the band to tour extensively through out 2008 in support of City Lights Are Blinding You’