The Frightnrs Premiere Holiday House Show Video For New Year’s Day

Music News | Jan 1st, 2017

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Happy New Year! I had a low-key New Year’s Eve last night for a change but looks like The Frightnrs have been busy the last few days. The band has been teasing a countdown clock on their website. I didn’t know what it meant, new album or new singer? The countdown was for a Holiday party video where it features The Frightnrs playing some tunes with vocalist Jonny GoFigure and some special guests show up as well. Those special guests include Maddie Ruthless from The Far East, The Skints, Top Shotta, Screechy Dan & Anant Pradhan.

The video is a half hour long, and looks like it’s in the band’s house. The neighbors probably loved them for that. The Frightnrs play 2 songs (“Tuesday,” “Gonna Make Time”) before Maddie Ruthless stops by to sing “Too Long will be Too Late.” The Skints then stop by to perform with the band “Tonight” and “Come To Me.” Top Shotta, Screechy Dan & Anant Pradhan show up next to play “King of the Roots” and then back to the Frightnrs with “Save Me.” Very cool video and if you got half hour, watch it!

The video is dedicated to the band’s late singer Dan Klein, who died from ALS in June and The Patel’s Father, Naishadh who passed away in May. The Frightnrs played in December at the Bell House with the Slackers. I wasn’t there but I’m assuming Jonny GoFigure is going to sing with the band a lot, along with some special guests. Vic from the Slackers came out and played “Trouble In Here” as well. I definitely need to check them out the next time they play in NY.

Watch the house show at the band’s website.


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