The Mahones recording new material

Music News | Dec 9th, 2008

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The Mahones are currently recording new songs for their album “Black Irish Album.” The band plans to release the album around March and also plan to tour the US in the new year.

From Mahones:
Hey Everyone, we are currently doing 4-track demo’s (old school) for our new studio cd “The Black Irish Album” and we have booked the recording studio in January 2009 to record it. Here are the songs we are working on now….

1. A Great Night On The Lash
2. The Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil (Barry’s Song)
3. Blood Is On Your Hands
4. The Girl With Galway Eyes
5. It’s All Whiskey Under The Bridge
6. Hammer In A Bag
7. Seven Drunken Nights (for Ronnie Drew)
8. The Stars Always Look Better (from the gutter)
9. The DKM Took Paddy Away
10.Here Comes A Regular (Replacements Cover)
11.The Black Irish Opera

These songs are fast/fun Irish Punk Rockers with some Irish history thrown in the mix. The DKM Took Paddy Away is a fun Ramones style tribute song about our friend Paddy (from Ireland, you might have heard of him) who now owns more DKM T-Shirts than Mahones T’s. The bastard!! A song had to be written about that situation forsure. We plan to have “The Black Irish Album” available in March 2009. Wish us luck. Cheers, Finny :) Myspace