The Rifles return with new album ‘Freedom Run’ on September 20

Music News | Aug 16th, 2011

The Rifles have a new album “Freedom Run” coming out and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only is their previous releases albums brilliant, but judging by their new single “Tangled Up In Love,” we’re in for a treat! I keep listening to the song over and over and want to hear more! Let’s hope the band comes to New York City like they did 2 years ago! You can pre-order the new album at

The Rifles – Tangled Up In Love by nettwerkmusicgroup

Brit-rock band The Rifles return to release their third studio album Freedom Run on September 20, 2011, with lead single “Tangled Up In Love” out August 16, 2011. The track is a dangerously infectious melody, topped with a luscious string riff and the familiar Rifles’ crunching guitars.

Freedom Run further enhances the reputation of one of the most exciting, enduring and diverse London bands of the last ten years. Recorded at Paul Weller’s studio, Black Barn, and produced by the legendary Chris Potter (who has guided such luminaries as The Clash, The Stones and The Verve), the album has a fresh, revitalized sound, loaded with inspirational tracks that range from light and fun pop symphonies to the raucous soul-inflected heartfelt pop-rock that has dominated The Rifles’ back catalogue and given them a fan-base that continues to sell-out venues across Europe.

The Rifles burst onto the UK music scene in 2006 with their rebellious and attitude-laden debut No Love Lost, an album revealing the hopes and dreams of working-class suburban drudgery. The band spent the next two years touring relentlessly and building an enormous army of fans along the way, which includes some of their musical heroes like Paul Weller, Tim Lovejoy, Oasis and more. The Rifles released their second album (and Stateside debut) Great Escape in 2009, which peaked at 27 on the UK charts and reached the number 2 slot in the UK indie charts.

Of Great Escape, Spin Magazine said, “The [band’s] everybloke rock mixes the Gallaghers’ cocky sing-along choruses with the stylish mod snap of the Jam…Great Escape brims with tuneful ambition.” BrooklynVegan commented, “They’ve got a classic Britpop sound that might make you nostalgic for the good ol’ days of 2004 when everyone had jobs and Kaiser Chiefs, The Rakes, and Subways were all the rage.”


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