Tiger Woods’ latest mistress is Lady Gaga!

Music News | Apr 1st, 2010

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Just when you thought all of Tiger Woods’ mistresses have been announced, another mistress has just been uncovered! TMZ is reporting that…*GASP* Lady Gaga is Tiger’s latest mistress, and get this…the duo videotaped themselves doing it! Lady Gaga is perhaps the biggest music act these days and Tiger Woods is the biggest golfer (or asshole) in the world so the news of these two hooking up makes sense. They both probably have various STDs by now anyway so might as well have some fun along the way, right?

This is what TMZ reported this morning:

Tiger Wood’s latest mistress is perhaps the biggest name of them all…The one and only Lady Gaga! Who would have thought these two would have hooked up! The two have reportedly hit it off when she played a recent concert down in Miami, and then met after the concert. Spies have said to TMZ that the two were “very close, and touchy-feely.” Tiger reportedly left the next morning from Lady Gaga’s hotel suite in Miami. He loves Lady Gaga’s music, especially the song “Poker Face.” Apparently he loves something more than just her music! Our spies have also speculated that there might be a Tiger Woods and Lady Gaga sex tape as well, but we can’t confirm or deny this claim.


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