Tom Waits leads fight against scalpers

Music News | Sep 2nd, 2008

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Tom, I love ya but this is such a pain in the ass way of doing things. Sure, it beats scalpers but what if fans want to buy a ticket for someone and can’t go? You’d have to have that person come to the venue just to show their credit card and then leave? I hope Ticketbastard doesn’t fully change to this system because it won’t work.

From Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – Paperless ticketing is emerging as a potential weapon in the efforts of some touring acts to eliminate resellers from the ticket-buying equation.

Tom Waits became the first recording artist to use Ticketmaster’s paperless ticketing technology during his 13-date U.S. theater tour earlier this summer. Ticketmaster first offered paperless tickets during the NBA’s 2007-08 season, when they were used by the Phoenix Suns, the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat.

Ticketmaster’s expansion of its own secondary ticketing business this year through its $265 million acquisition of TicketsNow raises questions about how motivated the ticketing giant would be to encourage other touring artists to drop paper tickets. But even if paperless ticketing doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to the overall secondary ticketing industry, it does provide a new option for artists keen on cracking down on resellers.

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