So Long Comments Section And Thanks For All Of The Headaches!

Site News | Nov 3rd, 2016

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Sorry Folks, No Image Is Here. no longer has a comments section. Like most things on the Internet, there are a lot of intolerable people on comment sections and message boards and ReadJunk has had their fair share of them.

It was rare that people would even use the comments section to begin with. But if people did use it, it was to be a troll or just an asshole. Or it was just a place for people to bitch about something. So I’ve had it and we won’t be having that section anymore. You’ll notice it’s missing on the post page and in the sidebar. The next re-design there will probably be no sidebar at all.

If you really feel the need to comment on something we write, or have hate mail…well I guess you can email us or post on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll leave you with The Hoff flying in the air:


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