Conan O’Brien in Armenia episode airing November 10th

TV News | Oct 12th, 2015

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Last year Conan filmed a hilarious episode/special in Cuba and that seemed to be a ratings hit for him. Now he’s over in Armenia, the first American late night host to visit the country. Joining him is his longtime assistant Sona, who is of Armenian descent. Those two are usually hysterical together so having them in Armenia should be comedy gold. I think Conan should just do a travel show. His best material is whenever he’s not behind the desk and interacting with people. How about the next one should be Conan and his weird producer Jordan Schlansky visiting Scotland?

Conan O’Brien is on the road again, this time journeying to Armenia in the latest of a series of ongoing efforts to mix up his TV routine.

The results of O’Brien’s sojourn to the war-torn country, believed to have commenced on Sunday, are slated for broadcast on Time Warner’s TBS on Tuesday, November 10, at 11 p.m. and will be available a day later across digital and mobile venues operated by the network and O’Brien’s Team Coco outlets. Sona Movsesian, O’Brien’s longtime assistant who is of Armenian descent, has joined him. The visit is a first to the country for both and O’Brien’s broadcast will be the first by a host of an American late-night show from the nation.


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