Help Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 through Kickstarter

TV News | Nov 10th, 2015

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Joel Hodgson and the original crew of Mystery Science Theater 3000 have started a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the cult classic TV show. With enough money raised, they will be able to do a bunch of new shows where they riff on stupid movies. The goal is to get the series up to 12 feature length episodes, but it all depends on how much money is raised. You have a month to bring it back, so get going!

Joel wrote on the Kickstarter page:

Once upon a time, I created a television series called MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. We debuted on Minneapolis’ KTMA local access cable on Thanksgiving Day 1988, as the world was in the final throes of Teddy Ruxpin-mania. That was almost thirty years ago, but for some reason, people still seem to like the show – it’s a mitzvah!

Our show has had a long, strange run. Across a UHF channel, a cable network, cancellation, a feature film, then another cable network, the show lasted for 12 years, two generations of hosts and puppeteers, and a total of 197 episodes before we got canceled again “for good” in 1999. Sadly, it was just as Prince predicted.

But maybe that’s not where it all ends.

Starting today, we finally get a chance to bring back MST3K.

With your help, we can create a new season of MS3K, prove there’s still an audience, and maybe even convince a network to bring us back for more.

There’s lots of info on the Kickstarter page, along with a video of Joel explaining some of the details and logistics. Help bring back MST3K and go to Kickstarter now!


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