ReadJunk Podcast: Episode 28 (Chris Taylor & Drew Celestino)

Featured, Podcasts | Oct 30th, 2018

ReadJunk Podcast: (Chris Taylor & Drew Celestino)

Episode 28 of the ReadJunk Podcast is a bit different in that instead of me (Bryan), guest host Chris Taylor talks with his buddy Drew of the Devil’s Due Podcast, a Marvel Netflix/Daredevil themed podcast. Thanks to Rude Boy George for letting me use their cover of “Things Can Only Get Better” as the new theme song as well! Buy their music here.

They discuss his show as well as other superhero shows, plus a review of the Metallica show in Buffalo that they attended on October 27th. In addition to other Metallica experiences they both have had over the years.

Check out Drew’s podcast:

Also check out his band’s The Long Cold Dark tunes:


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