A Is For Ape – “One More Over The 617 EP”

Album Reviews | Nov 9th, 2008

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Record Label: Yeti Music
Genre: Ska Punk
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A Is For Ape’s sound is what I’d call rock-with-horns – think skapunk without the edge. But they make it work with sunny poppiness and clean, Bosstones-like brasswork. I also like that they avoid immature goofiness and emo tendencies that plague today’s ska-influenced rock; I chalk it up to their being from the UK.

The band’s weak point, but not a dealbreaker, is the vocals, which sound strained and are inflected with an unfortunate rock swagger.

The music is happy and feel-good and the first two songs are solid rockers. The third track incorporates a more downtempo upbeat with mixed success – they gain ska points, but the 5-minute duration and forced-sounding chantalong chorus is a chore.

I give the band credit for playing music that hasn’t been popular since 1997 and for having horn players who know what they’re doing. I’d be willing to hear more.

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