Aaron Burdett – “Rockefeller”

Album Reviews | Dec 6th, 2019

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Record Label: Crossroads Label Group
Genre: Country
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North Carolina’s amazing songwriter Aaron Burdett hasn’t put out a full album since 2017’s “Refuge,” but the country crooner has been teasing us on social media about more output in the works. Thankfully, we have his just-released single “Rockefeller” to tide us over in the meantime.

“I’ve been getting by with what is mine,” Burdett sings, after cheekily “wishing” he was Rockefeller or Vanderbilt, reminding us that it’s crucial to take stock of all you have rather than wishing for more. “Rockefeller” is pure mountain and bluegrass, which may be far away from the New York wealth the song is nudgingly cracking fun of, but therein lies at least part of its fun.

However, beyond the fun, “Rockfeller” takes the listeners through three minutes of touring through the ever-increasing wealth divide in this country, which is hauntingly showcased on the artwork for the single, displaying the Empire State Building side by side with a ramshackle humble backwoods dwelling.

Please please, Aaron, don’t make us wait too long into the next decade for your next album!

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