Abney Park “Lost Horizons”

Album Reviews | Sep 1st, 2008

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Record Label: Abney Park
Genre: Steampunk
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Abney Park is a steampunk band, whatever the hell that subgenre is. I guess it’s a mixture of industrial dance music, rock, and world music. Abney Park sounds Goth and I just don’t know how serious I can take this band. I mean, there’s all these bleeps & bloops sound effects in their music. What is this Castlevania and Zelda music?

I think if this was an instrumental album I’d really enjoy because it sounds like a Middle Eastern-Fantasy film/game score. But then the guy starts singing, trying to sound all spooky and it just sounds ridiculous.

Bottom Line: This sounds like Murray Head’s One Night in Bangkok meets a video game score.
Notable Tracks: CastleVania theme song
Overall Rating: