AFI – “Decemberunderground”

Album Reviews | Jun 6th, 2006

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Record Label: Interscope Records
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AFI have come a long way since their old school punk days. With albums like “answer that and stay fasionable” and “black sails and the sunset”, “decemberunderground” is a new and interesting sound for these guys. More screamo than “save the sorrow” and more poppy than all of their previous releases, decemberunderground is better than I expected it to be.Honestly, I LOVE it. The album is very melodic, and very, VERY catchy. You’ll be hooked immediately from the intro all the way to the end. The beginning of the CD, in my opinion is the best, but the whole thing is alot of fun to listen to. I enjoy how AFI change their style with each album and they never seem to disappoint. Don’t forget to check them out on this years Warped Tour!!!

Bottom Line: Definitely worth a listen!!
Notable Tracks: Miss Murder, Summer Shudder, Kill Caustic
Overall Rating: