Against All Authority/ Common Rider “Split”

Album Reviews | Apr 12th, 2005

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Record Label: Hopeless Records
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Against All Authority and Common Rider are two bands I actually like so I was happy to get this in the mail to review. AAA starts off the CD with their 4 tracks and they sound good. Fast politically charged songs like they usually do. Their last song is a little ska-punk ditty and it blends in nicely to Common Rider, who has that ska/surf rock sound. I should listen to AAA more though because I haven’t really listened to their newer stuff that much. If these songs are any indicator, I should go back and break out their CDs.

Common Rider broke up, which is a damn shame because their music is awesome. The band was fronted by Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michaels. These 4 songs are really great and I can’t tell which one I like most. It’s a toss up between “Dogtown” and “Where The Waves Are Highest.” But I believe these are the last 4 songs Jesse recorded with Common Rider. If Jesse Michaels doesn’t record any more music that will suck because he clearly still has it. Come back and sing damnit!

It’s pretty rare that I liked every song on this CD but then again, these are 2 great bands. The CD is dirt cheap and it’s worth getting if you like these bands. Probably my favorite Hopeless Records release in awhile.

Bottom Line: Short CD but still worth buying.
Notable Tracks: Lied To, War Machine Breakdown, Where The Waves Are highest, Dogtown, Only Ones
Overall Rating: