Alamance – “In The Moment”

Album Reviews | Sep 18th, 2011

Record Label: Smack in the Face Records
Genre: Pop
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Oh my god, this is awful. Why would anyone make such terrible, contrived, pathetic ballady pop music? Okay, I know the answer – to get into the panties of insecure underage girls. Oh, and the band is from New Jersey. Fair enough.

There really is no good reason for four adult men to write such sappy, toothless, pseudo-romantic, troubadour-wannabe pop music about “staring into your eyes.” Even if the lead singer is only 19, he should know better than this. When I was 19, I was playing D&D and listening to Slayer. That was awesome. This is not.

Bottom Line: This band should sue the veterinarian who mistook them for a bunch of puppies and accidentally neutered them.
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