All Ages – “A New Kind Of Citizen”

Album Reviews | Dec 2nd, 2011

Record Label: Shameless Self Productions
Genre: Power Pop
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Tame emo-y power pop. With loads of keys, piano, pained vocals, cheesy lyrics, and ballady breakdowns, it’s clear this is a band that is specifically targeting dumb kids and should know better.

I scold them thusly because, when the moment is right, they emulate everything from ska-punk to mall punk to new wave with a modicum of competence. But their execution is so contrived to maximize tween appeal that it’s no different from other commercial pop music.

I sincerely hope that they learn that mass commercial success is a rare flash in the pan, and that they should refocus their efforts to make good music. They might have the chops to do something more genuine.

Bottom Line: Pretty sure the kids just want crunk nowadays anyway.
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