Alli With An I “I Learned It By Watching You”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Law of Inertia
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This North Carolina band has been together since 2000, and band members are from 2 defunct local high school bands. The production on the album sounds good because it was coproduced Brian Paulson who has worked with Beck, Wilco, Soul Asylum, Avail and Superchunk. I like what I hear, the band sounds like some pop punk bands around Orange County NY even though they are from Raleigh, NC. Some songs I don’t really care for but overall I think the band sounds good and you will probably hear more from Alli with an I in the future.

Bottom Line: If you like fast pop punk that you will enjoy this.
Notable Tracks: “Future Reference” “Don’t look Down” “Merry Go Round”
Overall Rating: