Amber Pacific “The Possibility and The Promise”

Album Reviews | May 24th, 2005

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Record Label: Hopeless Records
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I think I reviewed Amber Pacific’s last album but I don’t remember what I thought about it. Knowing me, I probably said it wasn’t for me. I think I say that in every review. For being a bunch of young lads, they certainly sound like they have been playing for many years. The album production is top notch and really makes the band sound good. It’s amazing how production of a CD can make a band sound better, thats why I have a hard time reviewing local band CDs. Though not everyone is on a big label. Anyway, Amber Pacific has a catchy pop punk sound, which I could see these guys on the radio; though I’m sure they are already creeping up the CMJ charts. I know XM Satellite Radio’s punk station Fungus 53 always plays these guys. I wouldn’t necessarily listen to this album again but I don’t listen to this type of rock music, but I can’t deny the band has a sharp sound. Though they do sound like every other band out there in the scene today.

Bottom Line: Amber Pacific’s newest album is catchy as hell and the kiddies will certainly cream over this one I’m sure.
Notable Tracks: Poetically Pathetic, Gone So young
Overall Rating: